Why You Should Vote for Schools

Schools educate everbody; everybody benefits. Educating kids well keeps them off the street, out of trouble. That trouble could be breaking into your house, defacing your property, or worse. Kids who get a good education grow up to get jobs, pay taxes and contribute to the community. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Education is a community endeavor, not just the responsibility of parents.

Our schools are not terrible. We try to give all students the same opportunities. When you take differences in education systems into consideration, our schools don’t look so bad when compared with schools in other countries. We don’t ‘track’ students. Our test results include all students, not just those who are going to college.

Schools are not capitalistic ventures. Maybe the US isn’t ready for a socialized system for medicine, but we’ve had a socialized school system for two hundred years. Our state schools, in spite of many promises over the years to fix the system, are still funded by property taxes. Changes in the economy impact schools just as they do every individual.

Schools need money. Withholding money from schools will not fix the problems. If you are unhappy with the way schools are being run, look at who’s running them. Don’t punish the kids.

Whenever a levy doesn’t pass, you can almost be guaranteed that some enthusiastic and energetic new teachers have lost their jobs. The ones who stay are those who’ve been there longest. Veteran teachers are not all burned out, but rookie teachers, in spite of their inexperience, have a lot to offer. They bring new ideas and enthusiasm to our schools.

Size does matter. When teachers are let go, class sizes increase. If you believe that class size doesn’t matter, I invite you to spend a day in a public classroom of thirty-six students, the maximum allowed in my district. More

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