Mind Mapping

“Do I need a mind-mapping program?” My finger was poised to click “Download Now” when my rational self (the one who pays the bills) intervened. “What would I use it for?”

“Use it?” I replied, finger itching to click. “It’s just cool to play around with.”

“What could I do better with a mind-mapping program that I don’t already do with some other software?”

I retracted my finger. “Well, a map is more useful than an outline. Outlines are so linear. A mindmap is visual, spatial – it’s creative. And look at all those features! I can make straight or curvy lines, boxes or ovals. They can be any color I want. I can drag images into them!”

“And what would I put in all those boxes and ovals?”

Clearly, I wasn’t convincing my rational self. I had to come up with a better argument.

The fact is, I like maps. More

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