The Oracle Has Moved

He was sure that she was lying, so when she left to buy more wine, he began going through her drawers. In the back of the kitchen drawer he found a postcard dated March 17, 2004.
It read:
oracle“Notice: the Oracle has moved. It can now be found only by those who are not looking for it. All other rules still apply. The Oracle does not accept checks or credit. Cash buys answers only to money questions. Those seeking answers to life must bring their most precious thing. Without payment, there can be no answers. The future has a price.”

The Fabulator

Whether it’s normal for children to lie is debatable. Most people believe the myth of the Innocent Child. Like the Noble Savage, the Innocent Child is not inclined to evil, but learns from his environment. He is a Blank Slate, upon which the truth shall be written.

But children don’t perceive reality as adults do. They believe in monsters in the closet, serpents under the bed, and fairies that leave quarters under the pillows of those who lose teeth. They don’t believe that the earth is a round ball flying through space, or that the past and the future are separate things. More

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