Words, Words, Words

For a writer, word count is a measure of progress. I like being about to say that I wrote a thousand words in an hour. If a published book would magically appear every time I reached 50,000 words, that would be even better.

Instead, I count words. Some days I delete more words than I write, but those aren’t necessarily wasted days. Revision is all about cutting superfluous words.

I try to set myself a daily goal, but it’s hard to know what is reasonable. During NaNoWriMo I averaged 2000 words a day, but that pace nearly ended my marriage. I finished, but of the 50,000 words I produced, about 40,000 needed to be deleted. I swore I wouldn’t do it again; but check back with me in October.

The best thing about NaNo is having a goal and the support of a group trying to achieve the same goal. As I’ve wandered around the internet, trying to avoid facing my NaNo-under-reconstruction, I’ve found a few goal-oriented groups that look interesting. I haven’t joined any, but I book-marked them in case I need inspiration. More

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