Metaphors Gone Wrong

If there is a manual for giving children’s sermons, it must include the following instructions: Rule 1: Have a prop; Rule 2: Use a metaphor. It’s so simple, even a layman can do it!

I got talked into giving a children’s sermon once. I don’t remember what I said. It involved cookies (the prop), and as a result got high ratings from the kids. Rule 3: Give them cookies. Even better: candy.

Most of the kids who come up to hear the children’s sermon are pre-schoolers, at least in churches I’ve visited. My boys stubbornly refused to participate, but sometimes changed their minds if food was involved. Otherwise, they wanted no part of it. And I respected their opinions because children’s sermons can go very wrong.

Whoever wrote Rules 1 and 2 had probably never met any preschoolers. Bottom line: cookies are fine; metaphors are dangerous. More

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