Addendum: One Word

A while ago I wrote about small challenges that writers can use to discipline their habits and thoughts. I listed several on-line communities or sites that set goals for you and give you an opportunity to push yourself a bit.

A couple of days ago I found another one: OneWord.

This is fun: go to the site every day, click on the ‘go’ button, and a word will appear. A sort of random word — and a box to type in. The timer starts the minute the word appears, and you have sixty seconds to write as much as you can from the prompt. Not a definition, not sixty seconds of ‘What can I write about?’ No time to be witty, funny, deep, creative, unique. Just write.

As the creators of the site put it, “The purpose of this exercise is to learn to flow.’ Writers want flow, but it doesn’t just happen. It takes practice to get into that mode. Right brain takes over, and left brain doesn’t have time to be critical.

You don’t have to join OneWord to try the prompt, but if you do join you can keep your efforts and view what other people have written. If you want to get more involved, you fill out a profile, join groups, give ‘word up’ to writings you like, and message other writers. There are 1763 members, but on a given day 200 to 300 write to the prompt.

Not convinced yet? But wait — there are T-shirts!

I’m holding out for mugs. You can find me there under the name Abadaxis.

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