“My Bad” (and other half-ass apologies)

I rarely demand apologies from people. I don’t like putting myself into a position to be re-dissed by a refusal.

But it’s my job to enforce rules. And people seem to have no trouble saying, “My bad,” when I call them on something.

“We don’t use that kind of language in this room. ”

“My bad.”

“You’ve been late to class every day this semester.”

“My bad.”

“No talking during the test.”

“My bad.”

“Put your phone away.”

“My bad.”

As far as I’m concerned, “My bad,” is the same thing as “F– you.”

Does an automatic “my bad” outweigh a forced “I’m sorry” (said with rolling of eyes)?

Why do people apologize, anyway, if they don’t think they did anything wrong? More

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