Click Harder

I have a favorite computer guy that I call up when something goes wrong. His first piece of advice is always, “Click harder.” This is accompanied by a dead-pan look (which I can’t see, but know he’s doing) and a slight chuckle.

He used to tell me, “Re-install Windows,” but he knows that I’ve converted to Mac now and am too smart to fall for that.

Usually I’m calling him because I just need to figure out how to do something. Macs rarely have ‘click harder’ problems.

One problem I’m having lately truly is a ‘click harder’ problem: my trackpad is sinking — but only on the corner where I click. My computer guru told me how to configure it so I don’t have to click as much, but it’s a hard habit to break. I am a hard-clicker.

I confess to having worn out several keyboards. On my last laptop I had to have the keyboard replaced because the spacebar wouldn’t work anymore. It’s hard to writewithoutaspacebar. Everything turns into one long word, and the spell-checker goes nuts.

Why am I so hard on keyboards? To answer that, I will have to date myself. More

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