Pizza of the Absurd

A True Story:

Dax (calling pizza delivery place): I’d like to order a medium Hawaiian pizza, for delivery.

Pizza Guy: I’m sorry, we don’t make the Hawaiian pizza anymore.

Dax: Hmm. I see that one of your toppings is ham.

PG: Yes, sir. Would you like a medium ham pizza?

Dax: Yes. I see that you also have pineapple. Can I get pineapple on my medium ham pizza?

PG: Yes. Is there anything else?

Dax: What’s the difference between a ham and pineapple pizza and a Hawaiian pizza?

PG: The Hawaiian pizza has cinnamon on it.

Dax: Could you sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on my ham and pineapple pizza?

PG: No, sir. That would be a Hawaiian pizza. We don’t make the Hawaiian pizza anymore. More

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