Snow Day? (Please?)

It is said that the three things people most want to hear are, “I love you,” “I forgive you,” and “It’s dinner time.”

I would like to nominate a fourth: “Snow Day!”

It’s a lovely moment: I’m lying in bed, waiting for the alarm to go off, thinking about the quiz I’m giving today, the mother whose call I should return, the papers I need to get graded, the meeting I have after school. My bedroom is 63 degrees, and I don’t have clean socks.

The radio turns on. “The following school districts have cancelled classes for today…”

I listen, wait, hope… Yes!

It’s a snow day.

I don’t like to waste snow days sleeping. Usually by the time the district decides to close, I’m already up and dressed anyway. I love my job, but who doesn’t appreciate a day off? Sometimes, it is sorely needed.

I have sat and watched the news for a half hour or so, just to hear them announce it a couple more times and relive that happy moment of realization. A small pleasure.

Yesterday, even before it began to snow, my students were asking me, “Are we going home early today?” (They may not know who is our governor, but they are always well-informed about the weather.) Once the flakes begin to fall, there is little chance of getting anything done. If I assign homework, they remind me that there isn’t going to be school tomorrow.

Right now, it’s early. It snowed into the night, but it’s tapered off now. The decision will depend on the side streets. If the buses can’t get through, school will be called. Temperature is also a factor, but I can remember only a few times when we stayed home because it was too cold.

If school is not cancelled, attendance will be down, especially since it’s a Friday. And the few who show up will be resistant, if not impervious, to education.

Snow Gods, if you’re listening, here is my promise: if school is cancelled on account of you, I will grade all those papers that I brought home. Every one of them. I promise. My students will thank you, and I thank you.

This just in:  SNOW DAY!!!


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