O Xmas Tree

When I saw it standing there, between the poinsettias and the plastic lawn Bambis, I had to have it. No strings of lights to get tangled, no needles to vacuum up. It didn’t have any smell, but that’s what scented candles are for. I could imagine folding it up and carrying it down to the basement until next year.
Tonight I sit on the couch in the dark, gazing at its tiny, winking lights, remembering how we dragged the boys through the woods every year to find the perfect tree. It never was. But it always smelled wonderful.

Long Distance

I saw my son in Japan last night. We Skyped. Finding a time when we’re both awake and not working is a bit of a challenge, but we have managed to do this a few times.

Every now and then, the picture freezes, or breaks up, or the sound disappears, but it works. I don’t know how pixels and bits fly through the air, bounce off a satellite and zoom down into my laptop almost instantaneously, but they do. Or something like that.

Occasionally I have to slap myself so I’ll stop reminding my sons how amazing this is. I wonder what technology they will be gushing about in thirty years. What will their kids get tired of hearing about? “We didn’t have that when I was your age. We had to use a phone if we wanted to text somebody…” More

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