I’ve passed 44000 words — I’m not ready to call this the homestretch, but it feels good to have just 6000 to go and 15 days to write them.
What I’ve been thinking about is this: What next?
Writing withdrawal is a definite possibility. After spending every day figuring out my 2000+ words, I will need something to keep me busy. I could do another NaNo, but I’m not sure the intensity of this month can be duplicated without the external structure of a competition.
Bad Habits: I had bad habits before I started NaNo, and they haven’t gone away. Using too many words to say things, abusing adverbs, dialog tags — all these are things I am aware of. I wonder what new flaws I will observe as I re-write this novel?
Good habits: I have disciplined myself, found time in every day to do this task. I have learned to view writing as a task, not waiting for the mood or inspiration to strike. I am my own muse.
Where does this all leave me?
I have a novel that will be finished by Friday, and in need of much revision.
I have a couple of novels in process which can benefit from some disciplined focus and organization.
To be a writer, you have to write. It’s a job. A really great job that hardly pays anything but makes me happy.

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