Nano 30000

Whoop! 30000 words!

What has been interesting about this whole Nanowrimo escher3process has been the generation of ideas.

I generally ponder things as I write, toss around ideas and weigh them before I start inking them.


This headlong rush of writing hasn’t allowed me to hit pause and ponder before proceeding. I have definitely produced a lot of crap – stylistically, to be sure. But I’ve produced a passable plot, and a number of really odd, off the wall ideas. Continually pushing on has forced me not to think so hard. The first idea that pops up – I grab it and go. I haven’t been much of a grab-and-go writer before this. I think I like it.

What has saved my plot is an outline. I have never done an outline before, and I’m finding it quite useful. I think I may try it again.

The biggest thing I have learned from all this is that writing is a business, and I can crank out words when I need to. I can detach myself from characters and plot enough to keep myself from getting stuck. I apologize to my characters for some of the things I’ve gotten them into. Be patient, my children. I will make it all better in the re-write.

Nano has made writing exciting again. I get up at four each morning and write for two hours, never knowing what I will produce. The surprise is worth the lack of sleep.

I wish all my fellow nanoers good luck – I hope you are having as much fun as I am!

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