Immortal Monkey Writes Best-seller

The universe may be infinite, but good ideas are not, and it seems that we passed the last one some time ago. All Dax can write are sequels to something he’s already written. He has Sequel Syndrome, one of the side-effects of finishing a novel.

The other side-effect is a never-ending cycle of elation and self-disparagement. Part 1: I finished! Yeah! And it’s good! (Imagines himself discussing his book with Oprah.) Part 2: This is no good – I’m a terrible writer! What was I thinking? (Imagines rejection letter that begins: Dear Author of the worst book ever written…)

Everything has already been said. It’s just that everyone hasn’t said it yet. When that happens, we will know that the end is near. The world will end when every person on earth has written a novel about vampires. More

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